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Audience at a Concert


​Our mission is to give power back to the creative arts world.  We are enabling artists to dream big and make it their reality, by providing a platform that allows the ordinary to become the extraordinary, and sustainably thrive in what they create.  We Live In What We Create!

Our Story

Fusic365 is the future in the creative arts streaming-based world.  Our creative arts marketing platform changes the way creatives connect and communicate.  Our goal is to help creative artists gain exposure and humanize their communication and personalize their customer experiences.  

We are the one stop shop for the indie creative artist and the gateway to the next level.

We have identified a niche for up and coming, current, and legacy artists who may have lost their buzz and want to rejuvenate their career.

Fusic365 provides an inexpensive online presence and exposure opportunity for creative artists, looking for a way to collaborate with producers, promoters, managers, and other creatives.


Brodrick Mungo

 Founder & CEO


Richard Beasley

Chief Technical Officer


Dwane Aristide

   Chief Operations Officer


Nanani Alicea

Dance Director


Steve Moffatt

Senior Software Developer


Brittany Hudson

Software Developer


Lisa Pierce

Customer Service

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