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Aiding individuals and organizations in our community


Dr. Mac Bowman
Founder & CEO

To support healthy living habits and circumstances for our community and all of its citizens with educational outreach, community health screenings, encouragement and advancement of physical fitness and healthy dietary habits and all things which proactively improve health and promote healing for individuals and our community as a whole.

This foundation will aid individuals and organizations actively providing help and hope to those identified as adversely affected or challenged. The goal is to aid recovery, rehabilitation and assistance toward achievement of positive, productive, purposeful improvement in the lives of individuals and families; by doing so, our community is made better for all. 

Finally, we will encourage and recognize volunteerism, good citizenship, community service and sharing/caring spirit demonstrated by the efforts, energy and actions of individuals and organizations in our community toward improving the lives of others and promoting the common good. Individually and collectively, The Foundation sees its primary goal being to tangibly extend God’s Love from Him – to us- to others in all we do using our means and our methods in service to him and others.

"Support Healthy Living"

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