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EL3VATE by Fusic365 Dance Crew Competition

1.    I am the Minor’s parental guardian, I am entitled to the physical custody, care, and control of the Minor and am authorized to make all the representations and guarantees contained in this Parental Consent.

2.    Having read the Agreement and understanding the nature and extent of all the rights which the Minor has granted to Company thereunder, I hereby expressly approve of, and consent and agree to, the employment of the Minor pursuant to the Agreement.

3.    I shall do all things necessary and reasonably required by Company to assist in the full and complete performance by the Minor of the Minor’s obligations and agreements under the Agreement, including, without limitation, acting as guardian to the Minor in connection with all the Minor’s services under the Agreement.

4.    I hereby guarantee to the full and complete performance by the Minor of each and all the Minor’s obligations as set forth in the Agreement.

5.    I hereby guarantee that the Minor shall not at any time disaffirm the Agreement by reason of the Minor’s age or otherwise.

6.    The consideration provided for in the Agreement shall be deemed to be the consideration in full for all rights in the Agreement and herein granted and agreed to be granted to Company and for all services rendered pursuant to the Agreement and pursuant to this Parental Consent, not only by the Minor but also by me.

7.    I hereby agree to keep confidential the terms of the Agreement and the terms of this Parental Consent and, further, to refrain from revealing such terms to any third party (other than officers, directors, authorized agents, representatives and employees of the Minor, any loan-out company of the Minor or Company) unless compelled by court order, and/or from issuing or authorizing or permitting the issuance of any press release or other information in any media revealing such terms.

8.    The undersigned expressly agrees that the provisions of this Parental Consent shall apply and relate with full force and effect not only to the Agreement but as well to any and all supplements, modifications, and amendments thereto.

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