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ShoShannah Estell

ShoShannah Estell is a A Multinational award winning contemporary fusion dance Artist. She is the owner and artistic director of ShoFusion Dance Arts Studio where she teaches the Shofusion style and creates several productions a year highlighting this format. A true visionary she is well versed in ballet, jazz, hip-hop, musical theatre, belly dance, modern, and folkloric fusion. With over 20 years of experience performing in music, dance and theatre ShoShannah combines her vast knowledge of dance with her unyielding love of the stage. Venturing down many avenues of creativity, ShoShannah is also a visual abstract artist, writer, actress, costume designer, and vocal performer. A perpetual student herself she is very passionate about the arts and sharing her love of the arts with students and audiences alike. ShoShannah began her formal dance journey at age 14 when she began studying ballet, Modern and Jazz with Martinez Evans dance studio. After a couple of years she moved on to study with August Ballet which led her to study music and dance on a full scholarship at Virginia Intermont College. During her time in college she suffered a knee injury that inadvertently changed her dance trajectory completely. While in physical therapy she happened upon a belly dance class at a local gym and fell in love. She began training and pursuing instructors across the united states and it was not long after that she began to compete and had a great deal of success during that time. She has earned many awards but credits the start of her professional belly dance career to winning the tribal fusion professional at Ya halla Yall in 2011, Belly dancer of the year in 2012, and Belly dance masters in 2012. Since then she has performed and presented numerous workshops nationally and internationally, She has also assisted as a judge at over 20 competitions. ShoShannah continues to coach individuals and groups and has had a lot of success in helping them to become award winning performers in the competition circuit. In 2013 Shoshannah began to work with multiple theatrical dance companies including Bellyqueen directed by Kaeshi Chai and Belly Dance Evolution directed by Jillina. She worked on the theatrical production Journey along the silk road with BellyQueen where she had the honor of choreographing and performing in the production debut in New York and subsequently the Tokyo and Thailand tour. That production inspired her and lit a fire in her soul. She began to pursue other theatrical opportunities which led her to bellyDance Evolution. After her debut show of Alice in wonderland in Atlanta GA, ShoShannah continued to work with BDE on many US tours as well as the 2016 China tour of Alice in Wonderland, the debut of Scheherazade in Morocco and the adaptation of scheherazade known as Fantasm in Atlanta, Los Angeles and Australia. In 2014 Shoshannah had the honor of being featured in the Augusta magazine and in 2020 she was featured as the cover dancer for the April/May/June edition of the Belly Dance Chronicles magazine. In 2015 after creating several small theatrical events in Augusta GA she created and produced an original full length theatrical fairy tale belly dance production titled The song of the cage bird which involved a large cast of dancers across the southeast. ShoShannah continues to create, travel, teach, and perform through Shofusion Dance Arts Studio, She is incredibly honored to be a part of Fusic365 and is excited to share her love of Belly dance and her unique fusion style with us.

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